Pricing Your Property for Sale

When selling property in Allston, it’s crucial to make sure you’re selling for the right price. Undervaluing your Allston property can cost you thousands of dollars, while overpricing can make it impossible to find a buyer.

Allston MA Real Estate Sales Pricing

At Allston Pads, our agents help you determine the price of your Allston property with a Comparative Market Analysis. They review the sales of similar properties in Allston and the surrounding area, and from there are able to suggest the best estimated price for your Allston property. Through this method, Allston Pads and our agents ensure the best price for the seller, as well as a fair price for the buyer, so that your property is purchased at the best possible value.

When pricing your Allston property, it’s important to remember that you will be competing with real estate options in the area. The local Allston agents found here will help you decide if selling your property is the best option over leasing it, and will make sure you find the best price to stay competitive in the Allston market. In the event that the suggested sale price is lower than your expectations, you and your Allston Pads agent can review other avenues, including cash flow options, earning long term returns through leasing the property, and possibly postponing the sale until the market changes. Remember, your Allston property is part of a marketplace that is constantly changing, so you should expect some fluctuations in your property’s value. The Allston experts found here have the knowledge and experience to help you navigate any changes in the Allston market and ensure you get the best value for your property.

Contact us today to get a FREE Comparative Market Analysis of your Allston property, completely free of cost or commitment. From there, you’ll be ready to take the first step to selling your Allston property for the highest value possible.

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Some of Sales strategies include:

Showing your Allston property in an open house is one of the most effective ways to find potential buyers. Your Allston real estate agent will work with you to plan an open house, using their experience to attract and connect with the largest possible number of potential buyers. For potential buyers who cannot attend a physical open house, your Allston real estate agent can set up a virtual open house. This reaches buyers who might not have time to attend a real open house. A virtual open house of your Allston property can feature pictures, information, and even a virtual tour of your property in order to create an in depth, complete experience for buyers interested in your Allston listing.
Allston Pads and our agents can provide you with high quality print materials to market your Allston property, including: mass mailers, flyers, listing sheets, postcards, and many other forms of complementary copy. Our Allston real estate experts will also use traditional forms of print advertisement. With connections to local print establishments in the Allston area, they market your property through running ads in Allston area newspapers and other local print outlets.
Based on the amount of outdoor traffic that passes your Allston property, your agent may suggest posting outdoor signs advertising the sale of your property. If your Allston property is within eyesight of heavy traffic, this is one of the most basic yet most effective methods to market your sale. Your Allston Agent also uses Various Technologies to Connect with Local Brokers for Your Sale.
The agents at Allston Pads will make sure to push your listing through established Allston real estate networks, always making sure to take advantage of market trends. Allston Pads will keep you informed with up to date reports on leads and potential buyers.
Allston Pads understands how the real estate industry has been changed by the internet, and will use online social networks to better market your Allston property. Allston Pads has more Twitter followers and Facebook friends in the Allston real estate market than any other company, allowing us to connect with the most potential buyers online. The agents found on Allston Pads are also experts and launching super effective email campaigns. With the largest network of contacts in the Allston area, our Allston agents can make sure your listing is spread to the widest possible audience. We strategically target relevant contacts and potential buyers to make sure your listing finds its way to the right people, increasing the chances of a quick sale and high price!
Allston Pads understands that being a team player can be enormously beneficial when selling Allston property. Our Allston agents will spread your listing to other agents through a Broker Open House, increasing the speed at which your property will be sold.
Despite all of the advanced real estate technologies we use at Allston Pads, our agents still understand the value of a simple telephone call. They’ll connect with other agents and high-end sales representatives, working tirelessly to help find you an ideal buyer and highest price for your Allston property.

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