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It seems like everyone wants to move to Allston. And who can blame them? With easy access to MBTA trains and buses, updated apartments, tons of great food and charming triple-deckers, Allston is a fantastic place to live. In fact, it’s so popular, most people can only feasibly live there if they get roommates. But, it can be a time-consuming and fruitless endeavor to find roommates in Allston – unless you have the help of Allston Pads. With our premier roommate-matching service, you can live in a great neighborhood with compatible roommates.

How does it work? Fill out the survey below. Then, your full Roommate Profile, including your rent price range, move-in date, preferred lease length, and lifestyle preferences. Your preferences will instantly enter our database. As the real time listings of Allston rooms for rent that match your profile roll in, we’ll send them straight to you. We’ll only send you listings that match your needs and priorities. And, once we’ve found you the perfect Allston rental share, the real estate experts in the Allston Pads professional network can even help you and your new roomies with move-in paperwork. Essentially, we have you covered along every step of the way!

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Do you have an empty room in your shared rental in Allston? Need to find the right roommate fast to save money on rent? Allston Pads is here to make the whole process simple and easy! When you fill out the form below, your room listing is pushed through to our roommate database. From there, our powerful technology scans the full profiles of apartment-seekers and sends your listing directly to people whose preferred move-in date, lease length, rent budget, and lifestyle compatibility factors match yours.

Want to sublet your apartment or room? We can help with that, too. The cutting-edge Allston Pads algorithm accounts for all lease lengths and listing types. And, we won’t stop matching you with potential subletters until you tell us we’ve found you the best solution imaginable.

Then, whether we find you a roommate or subletter, the licensed real estate agents found on the Allston Pads professional network can help you with any move-in paperwork!

Tell us about your apartment share or sublet using the form below to get started.

If you want to list specific details regarding a room for rent: Advanced Roommate Questionnaire

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  • Only if applicable. 1st month, last month and security deposit are usually equivalent to 3x the monthly rent. A broker fee is equivalent to one months rent.

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