Allston One Bedroom Apartments for Rent

If you’re looking to rent a one-bedroom apartment in Boston’s Allston neighborhood, using will help you find a place you love, for a price you can afford. With more than 156,000 real estate listings in Allston and beyond, you can surely find the right spot for you in this exciting city.

One-bedroom apartments are excellent options whether you’re looking to share the space or just want a little extra room for yourself. Their extensive real estate listings include classic one-bedroom set-ups, roomy one-bedroom plus options, or cost-effective one-bedroom splits.

A one-bedroom split is an arrangement in which roommates maximize a one-bedroom apartment by using the living space as a second bedroom. Some split-style apartments have a door on the living room, allowing both “bedrooms” to have privacy. A one-bedroom split will be more affordable than a two-bedroom apartment, so be sure to let your real estate agent know if you are open to this option.

Boston is a vibrant city, home to international commerce, renowned universities, and world-class sports teams. In Allston, one of Boston’s great residential neighborhoods, you’ll find a vibrant multicultural population, prime access to public transportation and main roads, and proximity to campuses including Boston University, Harvard University, and Boston College.

Allston boasts an eclectic mix of popular bars, restaurants, and nightlife on the main thoroughfare, plus historically drenched tucked-away streets—so no matter what you’re looking for, there’s something for you in greater Allston.

The neighborhood is very accessible to Boston’s public transportation, including the B branch of the green line and several bus lines along Commonwealth Avenue. The area is also located near many main roads, like Storrow Drive and Route 2. With these convenient commuting options, you can easily get around Allston, greater Boston, and beyond.

Using will help you find you an Allston apartment that checks all the boxes that matter to you. Call a real estate agent today at (617) 208-2121 to start your search for your very own Allston apartment, or visit their website to learn more.

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