Award-Winning Restaurants in Allston, MA

Any conversation about the best places to eat in Boston absolutely needs to include the selection of award-winning restaurants in Allston, MA. From quick bites and pub food, to authentic Asian cuisine, upscale dining, and some of the best places for dates in Boston, Allston’s restaurant scene enjoys a wealth of delicious – and surprisingly affordable – options. Little wonder then, that Allston’s restaurants are frequently honored with awards of every stripe.

Whether you’re looking for the best places to eat in Boston, interested in moving to Allston and curious about the local cuisine, or just looking for something new and exciting, the numerous award-winning restaurants in Allston, MA have you covered.

Here’s a few of our favorites.

Deep Ellum

Practically drowning in accolades, Deep Ellum has won Boston magazine’s best Allston/Brighton Neighborhood Restaurant award multiple times, as well as its Best Casual Dining award,’s Best Hot Dog award (for its delicious Kimchi Dog), as well as being one of only four Boston locations featured in USA Today’s “Famous Beer Bars in Boston” list. To Allston residents, the last one should come as no surprise: if the thought of a sprawling, curated beer list, and a helpful staff whose brew knowledge could shame the most sophisticated of sommaliers sounds good, you owe it to yourself to swing by Deep Ellum.

But don’t let that fool you: Deep Ellum’s food menu pulls in a lion’s share of accolades, and it isn’t hard to see why. From the adventurous to the familiar, Deep Ellum serves up hearty pub fare in a variety of styles. Whether you’re snacking on Swissbäkers pretzels, poutine, and truffle gorgonzola fries at 1 in the morning, or indulging in duck confit hash and avocado toast during weekend brunch, lovers of rich, hearty, stick-to-your-ribs grub will find that Deep Ellum has some of the best food in Boston when it comes to scratching that itch.

Lone Star Taco Bar

Deep Ellum’s sister restaurant, this modern cantina is open until 2:00 AM every night, and serves up a fresh take on traditional Mexican street foods. Its beef barbacoa and grilled street corn both earned accolades from WGBH, and was named the Best New Date Spot in Thrillest’s Best of awards, as well as one of the 15 Best Places for Boozy Drinks in Boston (#4 overall) by Foursquare City Guide.

With taco offerings ranging from house-made chorizo to grilled avocado w/griddled queso or braised tofu, Lone Star Lone Star’s founders have some pretty ambitious ideas about the modern taqueria. Still, they never let it get in the way of Lone Star’s spirit. In their own words, they simply wanted a fun, chill environment where they could hang out with their friends and enjoy “yummy tacos and a bunch of margaritas.”

They clearly succeeded.

Dumpling Kingdom

Another 2019 Best of Boston award winner, Peter Wang’s Dumpling Kingdom thrives in its Allston branch. Off-topic: does that make it a Dumping Duchy? A Dumpling Barony? What do you call an extension of the Dumpling Kingdom? These questions need answers! (Note: these questions do not need answers.)

But we digress. Located at 137 Harvard Avenue, Dumpling Kingdom stakes its claim as one of the best restaurants in Allston, MA with a confident, indulgent menu that just might become your new favorite cheat day destination. Whether you’re into classic offerings like the mini juicy buns with crab and pork, arguably the best ma po tofu in Boston, or traditional dishes like the house special pig’s feet, Taiwanese-style sautéed pork liver, or the excellent flounder filet in a spicy mala sauce, if you’re craving Asian cuisine; Dumpling Kingdom Allston is arguably among the best Chinese restaurants in Boston.

Plus, it’s open late. We mean real late. 2:00 AM Sunday through Wednesday, and 3:00 AM Thursday through Saturday kind of late, making it the perfect place to grab a bite after a night on the town.

Seoul Soulongtang

Named Boston’s Best Korean Restaurant in 2019 in Boston magazine’s Best of Boston list, this cold-weather favorite takes its name from Korean beef soup or seollongtang. Ox bone broth with thinly sliced brisket provides the hearty soul of this Korean comfort food, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a better bowl of the stuff anywhere in New England. While the vegetarian, pescatarian and vegan options are few in number – and require a bit of conversation, especially if allergies are involved – what is here is so good, that you’ll want to come back time and time again. Arguably the best Korean food in Allston – if not the best Korean food in Boston itself – if you’re looking for a beefy, hearty, bowl of comfort food, look no further.

Whole Heart Provisions

Thrillist’s 2015 Best New Vegetarian Joint, Whole Heart Provisions comes from the minds behind Roxy’s Grilled Cheese, as well as Rebecca Arnold, formerly of Alden & Harlow, as well as Sarma. A completely vegan restaurant, Whole Heart’s claim to fame is its bowls – think along the lines of Chipotle’s tortilla-less options – though its street food snacks like falafel dogs, seared avocados, and sesame shishitos are definitely worth your time.

Whole Heart also offers a Sunday brunch with vegan takes on pastrami ruebens, huevos rancheros, and patatas bravas that deeply satisfy, but the star of the show is those bowls. For less than nine bucks, you can get a tasty, filling, hearty bowl. Great for a big lunch, or dinner on the go, dishes like the Seeta Bowl (chickpeas, currants, tomatoes, crispy lentils, savory green beans, and pickled cauliflower in a coconut curry) hit the spot in ways that few other things can.

The Best Restaurants in Allston

Awards are well and good, but at the end of the day it’s all about what you like. Fortunately, Allston is spoilt for choice with great restaurants, and there’s something uniquely great about finding a spot that hasn’t exploded in popularity just yet.

To that end, what awards would you give out to the best restaurants in Allston? Anything that the critics missed, or we simply didn’t have room for here? Let us know in the comments below: we’re always looking out for the best restaurants in Allston, so tips are highly appreciated.

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